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Erich Erving
Casa Frela,  47 West 119th Street
New York,  NY
Email : [email protected]
Website : http://www.sparkleandmunge.com/
Contact Number : 212-942-6524
Working Medium
Artist Statement
As a printmaker I prefer to do etching on fabric, silkscreen on paper, and both of them in combination with each other and readymades, found objects, specifically vintage iron-on transfers on both paper and fabric. Many people, when first exposed to my work on cloth, assume that they are silk screens. They are, however, etchings. Working on cloth, I push ideas of traditional printmaking. Printing erotic etchings on fabric, household objects like tea towels, handkerchiefs and doilies is an exploration of issues of sex, sexuality, and intimacy and their subsequent mediation. Sex and intimacy are mediated through pornography, both print and electronic. I further mediate these images through the process of etching. Using vintage fabrics, I facilitate a means of nonverbal public sharing of private intimate moments in the context of the proper use of these objects, making again these impersonal moments personal. Sharing makes both the viewer and user complicit in the intimate moments depicted. Since I did come to printmaking through poetry the incorporation of text, poetry, and the Bible are important to my work. I continue to work on a Polari Bible project. Polari is a cipher language that has been used by English homosexuals since the time of Oscar Wilde, but which began to die out after the de-criminalization of homosexuality in Britain. Some words like Balonie (Baloney), meaning bullshit, and Zhoosh, meaning to make, have made it into the American vernacular. The Manchester branch of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence has translated the King James Version of the Bible into Polari. A cipher language (especially one used to mask gay cruising activities) can illuminate text in some unexpected ways. I am working on a project using the Bible translated into Polari and printed on vintage porn magazines in an exploration of the outsider and the importance of the outcast in the Christian faith. When Jesus says �they shall aunt nell my cackling fakement� in John 10:16 he speaks of another flock that will �know [hear] my voice� (�aunt nell my cackling fakement�). I seek to understand scripture in the light of this statement. Codes and ciphers like Blake�s mythologies in his prophetic book are integral in my work either as a language like Polari or by using, subverting and challenging pop-culture-iconic imagery. Using vintage iron-on transfers with a clear resonance to an earlier, supposedly more innocent, time and collaging them in new ways or altering text challenges the ideas and feelings that vintage items bring up. Puts nostalgia in a new perspective. There is also an idea of printmaking being about repetition of image. Using iron-ons as readymades, but maintaining the presence of the artist�s hand is another way in which I attempt to push printmaking in to new arenas.
Thinking of Cock 11.5" X 8.5",  Vintage Iron-on Transfer on Paper, ©2010.