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Susan Stair
64 West 127th St, #2
New York,  New York
Email : [email protected]
Website : http://susanstair.com
Working Medium
Mixed Media
Artist Statement
Landscapes Etched in Clay I create liquid landscapes in mixed media. The surface of natural objects in the landscape, like rocks and trees, is a can-opener to mysteries of the universe. I used clay when making By the Waters a 9x18 foot mosaic installation with a 6x9 foot clay tree. That led to my interest in bark patterns. Currently making tree portraits,I draw in clay first casting the bark and adding glaze to illuminate the furrows that tell a story. The square drawings capture the infinite diversity of our silent company. The tree types are marked on the back with their location. I lived in Asia for 10 years and have traveled and moved incessantly, so I press and paint records to keep track of my journeys with history from each place. I try to freeze my time there, recording images, but then we both move. I began as a printmaker recording the surface of a plate with a layer of ink. Over time my landscape materials ranged like the places, clay turns bark into rock, oil paint turns the frozen contours of molten rocks into translucent time lines, photos show marks encased in silver, mosaics show the pieced memory of landscapes. Change is the constant.
Birch, (6"x8"x1/2"),  Clay Drawing, ©2011.